1. Protected frame and hood

The hood of the motorized towing vehicle is treated with a polymer impact-resistant paint.

Such application retains its integrity after mechanical damage and is not afraid of solvents.

Standard bonnet with 4 camouflage options:

  1. Hunter (white);
  2. Fisherman (red);
  3. Tourist (green);
  4. Forwarder (orange).

The paint protects the hood from physical influences, protects metal from corrosion, retains its appearance for many years.

On request, we cover the Hus-Skis with zinc-primer for additional protection.

Watch the video of the painting process.

The hood of the Hus-Ski M500 in the Hunter color

2. You set the angle of attack yourself

You can independently change the angle of attack, depending on the season and operating conditions.

In winter, lower it to 11°, to increase the area of contact with the snow and not fall through. In the off-season, raise to 36°, to easily pass obstacles such as rocks or logs.


to pass through deep snowdrifts


to overcome high obstacles

To change the angle of attack:

  1. unscrew the nut from the inside;
  2. move the bolt to the mount;
  3. tighten the nut;
Nut for adjusting the angle of attack of the Hus-Ski M500/M600

If the 36 ° angle is not enough, place the handlebars on the support to raise the front part of the towing vehicle.

3. The engine and the transmission of the variator are securely fixed

The engine is rigidly fixed with the frame on the engine base. Due to the design, it is easy to adjust the tension of the belt and drive chain. Oil in the internal combustion engine does not spread over the platform while being replaced.

The variator transmission is mounted on 2 supports. This is the most reliable mount available today.

Fastening the engine and variator on Hus-Ski M500/M600

Self-aligning bearings are installed on the are installed on the variator for additional reliability. They are able to work with shaft misalignment with the housing. They can be easily removed during replacement.

4. Soft acceleration

An adapted version of the SAFARI variator is installed on the M500 and M600 motorized towing vehicles. Due to the softer spring and the increased weight of the weights, acceleration occurs smoothly, without jerking.

Variator SAFARI adapted for the Hus-Ski M500/M600

5. Reinforced chain

Motorized towing vehicles are equipped with imported reinforced sealing chains. The same chains are used for cross-country motorcycles and ATVs.

It is famous for its colossal durability and low coefficient of friction. Structurally protected from damage when hitting obstacles.

Reinforced DID chain on the Hus-Ski M500/M600

6. Self-aligning bearings on the drive shaft

Thanks to the self-aligning bearing design, the shaft stays horizontal for additional reliability.

A grease nipple is installed on the bearing housing. It can be serviced without removing the shaft.

Self-aligning bearing UCFL-205 with grease nipple

7. Universal suspension

The Hus-Skis M500 and M600 use a unique design of 4 types of suspension:

  1. skating;
  2. spring-loaded slides;
  3. solid rubber wheels;
  4. spring loaded solid rubber wheels.
Roller suspension for Hus-Ski М500/М600.
Spring-loaded slides for Hus-Ski М500/М600
Solid rubber wheels for Hus-Ski М500/М600

The design of the roller suspension includes:

  1. closed bearings;
  2. 3x8 mm front bogie springs;
  3. 3 springs of 6mm on subsequent.
Suspension of the Hus-Ski M500 / M600

8. Upgraded electrical engineering

A capacitor with a voltage stabilizer has been added to the electrical circuit. Due to this, the headlight does not flicker, it is on with a constant bright light.

The towing vehicles are equipped with a powerful 27-watt LED headlight со with an IP65. protection degree. It is not afraid of shaking, dust, water and snow.

LED headlight 27 watt

9. The steering wheel retracts under the hood

The motorized towing vehicle is easy to load and transport due to the retracted steering wheel.

The steering wheel of the Hus-Ski in the folded state

There is a solid support under the handlebar base. It allows you to support the steering wheel by lifting the front part in front of difficult areas. Below the support, the rudder will not fall and hit the sled.

Steering wheel support for the Hus-Skis М500/М600

10. The throttle cable does not jump out

The motorized towing vehicle has a 1.5 mm cable on the gas drive, the mounting seat with the engine is additionally machined. Due to this, the cable is securely fixed.

1.5 mm cable with additional groove

11. Hydrophobic pad

The platform of the motorized towing vehicle is made of HDPE plastic. Due to the nature of the material, it will never have:

  • corrosion;
  • deformation;
  • snow adhesion;
  • ice.

Plastic is not afraid of solvents.

Staging made of HDP plastic, thickness 8mm for a Hus-Ski М500/М600

12. Convenient bumper handle

The bumper handle provides additional protection against direct impacts.

It is convenient to grab it even with gloves, for transportation or changing the direction of movement.

Bumper handle on the Hus-Ski M500/M600

13. High trunk

On the M500 and M600 motorized towing vehicles, a luggage compartment frame is installed. Due to this, it is more convenient and safer to transport oversized cargo. It is more convenient to attach cargo to such a rack.

High trunk on the Hus-Ski M500/M600

The luggage compartment is separated from the engine by a partition to protect things from contact with the hot engine.

Trunk partition on the Hus-Ski М500/М600

14. Clever mounts

All M500 and M600 motorized towing vehicles have a mount for a ski module or a pusher module.

Mount for ski module or pusher module on the trunk of the Hus-Ski M500 / M600

The hitch for coupling with the sled is made of high-alloy steel. Rod thickness is 20 mm.

Towbar of the Hus-Ski М500/М600 for coupling with sledges

15. Roll-over protection

The standard equipment of the motorized towing vehicle includes a cable that distributes the load to the suspension units and prevents rollover when driving over bumps and when cornering.

Suspension units of the Hus-Ski M500 / M600 are fastened with a cable that distributes the load between them.

16. Frost resistant wiring

In the electrics of motorized towing vehicles, the KGTP cable is used. It has the 5th class of flexibility, designed for use in difficult conditions. Temperature range from -60 ° C to + 50 ° C.

17. Reliable fasteners

High-quality Wurth brand fasteners are used in the Hus-Skis M500 and M600. They are made of steel 35X and 20G2R with a subsequent hardening. The finished product can withstand loads up to 8.2 t/cm².


bolt strength class


class of strength of nuts

The Wurth Group provide us with fasteners with a partner discount, which is reflected in the cost of towing vehicles in a favourable direction.

18. Snow cutter

It is installed in the front of the towing vehicle frame and directs the snow stream downwards from under the track, thereby preventing the snow from rising towards the driver and sweeping him while driving.

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