The sledge is light, does not freeze to ice; it can also pass through any snow and hummocks, even with a load on it.  

To improve the carrying capacity, the sledges are equipped with a metal frame with special rings, which ensures reliable fixation of the load along the perimeter.

A spring-loaded shock absorber on the drawbar softens the rest of the movement and braking, reducing the pressure on the snowmobile gear.

The fairing increases the volume of loads and also protects them from snow and wind.

The sledge can be equipped with pads on the bottom, which extend the service life of the sledge (pads are attached to the stiffeners, if necessary, they can be easily replaced with a new set).

Construction material - low pressure polyethylene

Plastic materials have outstanding characteristics:
- lightweight and flexible;
- resistant to UV radiation;
- shockproof, chemical resistant;
- non-toxic to the environment and people;
- retain their properties in the temperature range from -43C to + 53C.